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Anna Apple (medium)

Low chill variety, so suitable for subtropics. Flowers very early, best crossed with Dorsett Golden or Ein Shemer. Will keep well if refrigerated. Pollination Group: PG0 Uses: Eating Harvest: Jan - Feb Features: Low chill

Irish Peach Apple (medium)

Introduced to England from Ireland in 1820, a vigorous tree bearing good crops. Crisp, juicy, pale cream flesh. Good balance of sugar and acidity. Has excellent flavour for an early apple and is best eaten from the tree. Pollination Group: PG2 Uses:...

Red Gravenstein Apple (medium)

Apple Red Gravenstein is a splendid red apple that is a sport of Gravenstein a famous eating apple. Red Gravenstein was found by Van Sent V. Whipple in Washington, USA in 1907-1908. It is the same as the Gravenstein except the large fruit has mottled...

Sugar-Loaf Pippin Apple (medium)

An early ripening apple from Russia that was first recorded in 1831. It has scored well in tastings and with a high acid content is good for cooking. Can be used for cider. Smith Muriel W.G. (1971) National Apple Register of the United Kingdom. London:...

Tropic Sweet Apple (medium)

A low chill apple similar to the McIntosh developed by the University of Florida. Bears two weeks before Anna. On a semi dwarfing rootstock, ideal for backyard plantings and container specimens.Compatible for pollination with Anna and Golden Dorsett. ...

Tydeman's Early Worcester Apple (medium)

One of the earliest ripening apples and one of the tastiest. Raised in 1929 by H.M. Tydeman at East Malling Research Station, Kent. Introduced in 1945. Fruits have white, crisp, fine-textured, juicy flesh with a good vinous flavour. It displays a balance...