Heritage Fruit Trees is run by Rob Pelletier at Glenview Park Farm, 145 acres of paradise, near Beaufort in Victoria. Around 40 acres is farmed with the balance reasonably high quality and endangered Grassy Woodland and Heathy Dry Forest complex, including some trees the ecologists have suggested might be old growth. This section of the property is important for the ecosystem services it provides for us and the local area.

homestead.jpgThe property has included a nursery for at least two decades, first growing perennials for the nursery trade and then local provenance native plants for re-vegetation projects. It is now used to produce heirloom variety fruit trees, especially pomme fruits, blueberries and raspberries and includes a collection of over 400 varieties of heritage and some modern fruit tree varieties.

As well as quite a large mob of kangaroos, the farm includes Wiltshire Horn sheep and alpacas. Then there are the Maremmas Badger and Pippin and a dozen or two chooks and (shhh – a cat*) and the occasional marauding deer. All need to be fed regularly, except the deer.

Rob Pelletier

Well known to gardeners for his broadcasts on Melbourne and regional radio for nearly 35 years including nearly 10 years presenting garden segments on Good Morning Australia, Rob has been passionate about the environment since well before it was fashionable.

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* She just moved in one day: we are just about cat-dumping distance from town. She’s since earned her keep killing countless rabbits, rats and mice.