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Black English Mulberry

Morus nigra 'Black English'Has dense, dark green foliage. Red/black fruit ripens progressively rather than all at once. Once established will tolerate a Meditteranean climate. Slower growing at first and can grow to a large tree. Pollination:...

Black Mulberry (seedling grown)

Delicious, black fruit clusters. Susceptible to late frost. Grows to magnificent, spreading tree. Ideal for large gardens or farms. Ripens in November to early summer. • Pollination Group: A lone tree will usually produce fruit. More mulberries...

Hick's Fancy Mulberry

Morus nigra 'Hick's Fancy'Suitable for cool areas. Quick growing, producing small, slightly red fruit when ripe during spring and producing over several months.

Shahtoot Mulberry

Morus nigra 'Shahtoot' The Persians referred named this variety as ShahToot, meaning the king of mulberries. Produces long maroon red berries which when ripe are soft and juicy. It produces fruit for an extended period of time during the summer...