Huge range of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs for farm and garden. Order now for winter delivery or pick-up. 

How big are our plants

Tree size is affected by plant species and variety, method of propagation, annual factors including drought, temperature and hours of sunshine, in other words all the things that affect plant growth anywhere, anytime:

  • Fruit and most ornamental trees are a minimum of approx. 75cm measured from ground level to tip unless otherwise stated.
  • Most trees are taller and are cut to 105cm to meet Australia Post's maximum parcel dimension for shipping. They are left uncut for orders being picked up or shipped via courier.
  • Currants, raspberries, grapevines, pomegranates and shrubby plants are approx. a minimum of 30cm tall unless stated otherwise.
  • We only send out trees that we think are healthy and capable of growing to the normal size for that particular variety.