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Black seedling Walnut

Black walnut (Juglans nigra) trees produce edible nuts as well as very valuable wood. Many people also consider them attractive because of their deciduous leaves and large 15- to 20-metre spread. Bears in 4 to 7 years.• Pollination Group: planting...

Chandler Walnut

This upright growing walnut tree produces large crops of nuts with smooth shells that are light in colour and thickness. The kernel inside the nut has a mild flavour and is easily extracted in halves. It has a high kernel yield. This variety originated...

Franquette Walnut

This vigorous growing walnut tree produces good quality walnuts with a medium to thin shell. The kernel inside is a light colour. ‘Franquette’ is an old French variety mainly used to pollinate Chandler and Hartley. It produces leaves late so...