To cut or not to cut, that is the question

Many of our trees have to be pruned to comply with Australia Post's maximum allowed parcel dimension of 105cm.

For fruit trees and many shrub and less formal shaped ornamentals this pruning is not a problem, it is actually desirable.

However some tall growing upright ornamental trees have grown well beyond 105cm in our nursery. These are clearly identified at the top of the product description.

When the stem of a young tree is cut there will be a deviation where a new bud grows upwards from just below a pruning cut. This will initially be noticeable before fading after a few years. If you prefer the stem NOT be cut select COLLECT or shipping by COURIER and your trees will not be pruned.

There may be some shorter quality trees in each batch so if you do select Shipping by AUSTRALIA POST we will choose a shorter tree if available (first in best dressed) otherwise we will cut them to length. Orders come in thick and fast so we cannot enter into correspondence about this - the choice is yours to make at check out.