Our ENGRAVED ACRYLIC LABELS are similar to those used in many public gardens. Made to last they can be used in a variety of ways to help you keep track of your plant collections.


  1. With your tree order - select Add Optional Label when adding trees to your shopping cart. Labels are delivered with trees.
  2. Order fruit tree labels separately - Click HERE
  3. Create your own custom labels for any plant - Click HERE

When you get your labels
Labels may need a light sand along the edges to remove loose excess material. A fine grade sand paper, say 120 grit or finer is perfect for the job. Place the sand paper grit side up on a flat surface and lightly rub along edges to remove loose material. Avoid hard pressure as this may remove too much material. 
Tip: A nail file or emery board will do the job at a pinch.

Tie them
Tie them loosely to a side branch with wire or light chain. This leaves plenty of room for your tree to grow before having to relocate the label.

Attach to a stake
Attach the label to a timber stake or trellis with a bugle head screw for a permanent tree marker. Do not over-tighten screws to avoid damaging labels.

Attach direct to tree
Use a long screw and spring to leave plenty of growing room. As the tree grows it will envelop the screw and compress the spring keeping the label clear of the trunk. Undo screw to reset label when spring is fully compressed. Use weather resistant screws and springs.

Label specificationgeneric-labelv2.jpg
Labels are 75mm wide by 22mm deep pre-drilled with a 4mm diameter hole. Material used is a 1.6mm UV stable 2 ply DR Acrylic (high impact resistant acrylic resin), textured for additional strength and scratch resistance.

Each ORCHARD LABEL includes variety name and fruit type. Labels do not include ball chains, screws or other attachements.