There are specialist greenlife courier services available which carry trees without the need to cut them to fit the maximum parcel length of 105cm required by Australia Post. We feel they are a safe choice to look after plant material while in transit.

However these services have quite high minimum charges which mean they may only be best for larger orders. We suggest a minimum order (or combined multiple order) value of approx. $1000 before considering them. In addition the specialist greenlife couriers have larger vehicles and/or fixed transport routes which may require you to meet a truck at an agreed location rather than deliver to your door.


Select “Plant Courier by quotation” as the shipping option when checking out. We will refer your order to one or more couriers for a quotation when your order is ready to ship. If you elect to accept the quote let us know when the courier will pick up and we will have your order ready. You pay the courier direct. If you do not wish to accept the quote we will send an invoice for the cost to ship with Australia Post.

Alternatively you may wish to travel to our farm near Beaufort and collect your order.