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Our nursery is not open for retail sales, all sales are through our website.

Save yourself some time and READ THIS FIRST*

We are unable to respond to online enquiries that can be answered by reading this page and the links it contains to additional information. This includes the following:

• When will I get my order?
• Order collection.
• How big are HFT's plants?
• Combining multiple orders.
• What to do when your package arrives.
• Repeat customer discount.
• Can I cancel an order?
• What different Order Statuses mean.
• Shipping and pick-up charges.
• General disclaimer.
• Terms and Conditions of use for this website.

For all other enquiries we will get back to you as soon as we can during business hours.

*This page is not hidden! It is accessed in the menu at the top of every page of our website and is highlighted in the image carousel on the Home page.

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