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  • Chojuro Nashi (Asian Pear)

    Chojuro Nashi (Asian Pear)

    Pyrus pyrifolia 'Chojuro' was raised in 1895 by Mr Chojuro Toma, Kawasaki, Japan. Introduced to USA in 1939, Australia in 1980. A spreading tree of moderate vigour. Fruits have white, firm, coarse flesh with a mildly sweet and distinctive aromatic...

  • Nijisseiki (20th Century) Nashi (Asian Pear) Nijisseiki (20th Century) Nashi (Asian Pear)

    Nijisseiki (20th Century) Nashi (Asian Pear)

    Syn. 20th Century. Japan, chance seedling found on a rubbish heap in 1898 by Mr Kakunosuke Matsudo at Ishii, Chiba, P. pyrifolia. Pollination Group:part self fertile, Conference, Josephine, Packham’s, Clapp’s Favourite, Chojuro, Kosui...

  • Tsu-Li Nashi (Asian Pear)

    Tsu-Li Nashi (Asian Pear)

    Tsu-Li is an old renowned Chinese variety, probably Pyrus ussuriensis x P. bretschneideri producing an upright, vigorous dense tree. It is good eating, with high sugar, medium acid, sweet with a trace of tartness. Features: Low chill 365-480 hours,...

  • Ya Li Nashi (Asian Pear)

    Ya Li Nashi (Asian Pear)

    Pyrus bretschneideri 'Ya Li' is an old Chinese variety. It has a crisp, fine-textured flesh that is regarded as having good to excellent eating quality, medium sugar and acid, mildly sweet, softer than other Asian pears. Unlike other Asian...

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