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Discounts on offer 2024

There are two general types of discount.

These are shown in the shopping cart at checkout. 

Returning Customer discount*. Create an account when completing your first order to be eligible for the discount on future orders. Discounts are calculated automatically and shown in your shopping cart when finalising purchases. Log in to your account whenever you order to receive the Returning Customer discount.

Larger Order discounts* apply for orders from $500 up. These are based on individual order value not the combined value of multiple orders. The discount is calculated automatically and appears in the shopping cart before checkout. Existing customers who have logged in will also receive the Returning Customer Discount. The Large Order Discount is calculated on the order total remaining after the Returning Customer Discount has been deducted.

Min. order value Discount value %

Seasonal Specials* include short term discounts on products or categories of products. They may be reflected in the product price or calculated automatically and shown in your shopping cart when finalising purchases.

Bulk Purchase Discounts* are shown on the product page and are automatically caluclated and shown in the shoppiong cart.

Manual or Coupon Code Discounts
These require the entry of a coupon code in the space provided in the shopping cart. Only 1 coupon code can be claimed per order.

New Subscribers*  can claim $10 off any one order after subscribing by entering a coupon code that is emailed to new subscribers.

Subscriber Only offers* are available from time to time thoughout the season. They require a coupon code that has been emailed to subscribers to be entered at checkout and only apply if they result in a discount that is larger than or equal to automatic discounts that may be present.

Promotional offers* may be offered to all customers, for example through a promotional banner on our Home Page or through social media channels.


* Shipping/pick-up charges are not discounted.