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De Coppi Marone Chestnut

Castanea sativa 'De Coppi Marone' is a good roasting nut. Easy to peel with a rich sweet flavour. Chestnuts are harvested after they fall to the ground during autumn months Generic image  

Emerald Gem Chestnut

Castanea sativa 'Emerald Gem' is a semi-weeping tree with prolific crops of large nuts. Trees can tolerate frost. Store harvested nuts for a few days to dry and relax before eating. • Pollination Group: need one, preferably two, other...

Wandiligong Wonder Chestnut

Castanea sativa 'Wandiligong Wonder' was developed in north eastern Victoria and has great flavoured nuts. The nuts can be roasted or cooked. • Pollination Group: need one, preferably two, other varieties nearby for good pollination •...