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  • Golden Gate Rose Golden Gate Rose

    Golden Gate Rose

    Rosa hybrid ‘Golden Gate’  is a vigorous climber to 3m with clear yellow blooms, disease resistance and repeat flowering thoughout the season all capped off with a delightful perfume. Strong bee attractant and suitable for light...

  • Golden Hornet Crabapple (Malus 'Golden Hornet')

    Golden Hornet Crabapple (Malus 'Golden Hornet')

    Upright growing crabapple with pink buds and single white flowers followed by attractive yellow fruit on weeping branches. Green foliage becomes attractive golden yellow in autumn. • Pollination Group: assists pollination of apples • Uses:...

  • Grande Amor Rose Hybrid Tea

    Grande Amor Rose Hybrid Tea

    Rosa hybrida 'Grande Amor'  A beautiful red rose with well formed medium sized blooms produced on long, single stems. A wide, well branched bush with dark green glossy foliage. This rose is dedicated to love! Suitable for bouquets...

  • Harmonize Climbing Rose Harmonize Climbing Rose

    Harmonize Climbing Rose

    Rosa spp. 'Harmonize'  has masses of beautiful cream, open blooms with pink blushes and the tell-tale Persica Hybrid eye-in-red. Blooms will fade to an attractive blush white. When established, the climber with a 2.5m spread is practically covered...

  • Hedge Maple (Acer campestre) Hedge Maple (Acer campestre) Hedge Maple (Acer campestre)

    Hedge Maple (Acer campestre)

    Large item - may not be suitable for shipping by Australia Post, more information. Hedge Maple (Acer campestre) is a medium, broad-crowned, deciduous tree often with corky, fissured bark. It is native to much of continental Europe, Britain, southwest...

  • Hopi Crepe Myrtle

    Hopi Crepe Myrtle

    Lagerstroemia indica x L. fauriei 'Hopi' is a multi-stemmed spreading large shrub to small tree with bright mid-pink frilly flower clusters throughout summer.  Flowers: bright pink through summer into autumn Size: approx. 3m tall x 3m...

  • Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)

    Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)

    We are surprised the Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is not more widely grown in Australia. It is a very common garden plant in England and does well in our garden in western Victoria. It is also known as European or Common Hornbeam (formerly Carpinus...

  • Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bignonioides)

    Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bignonioides)

    Large item - may not be suitable for shipping by Australia Post, more information. The Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bignonioides) is a large deciduous tree native to south eastern USA. Its large broad leaves (up to 20 cm across) are green on top and fuzzy...

  • Indian Horse Chestnut (Aesculus indica) Indian Horse Chestnut (Aesculus indica)

    Indian Horse Chestnut (Aesculus indica)

    The Indian Horse-chestnut, Aesculus indica, is a large attractive ornamental deciduous tree from northwestern Himalayas.  It has large compound leaves shaped like a hand, that emerge in spring. The leaflets point downwards forming an attractive...

  • Innocencia Rose Innocencia Rose

    Innocencia Rose

    Rosa hybrida 'Innocencia'  is an award winning floribunda. Producing white, semi-double blooms in large clusters which repeat all season. Moderate fragrance and bee attracting. Can be grown in shade and used for hedges and borders. Disease...

  • Jack Humm Crabapple (Malus 'Jack Humm') Jack Humm Crabapple (Malus 'Jack Humm')

    Jack Humm Crabapple (Malus 'Jack Humm')

    Malus 'Jack Humm' is among the best crabapples for its bright red–crimson fruit. Flowers are single white and cover the tree early spring. Fruit is larger in size and makes good eating, jelly or preserves images

  • James L Austin Rose

    James L Austin Rose

    Rosa hybrida 'James L Austin'  is adorned with many petalled, large, deep pink rosettes each with a button eye. There is a light to moderate strength, fruity fragrance. It forms a neat and tidy shrub with a bushy, upright habit. Named for the son of...

  • Japanese Flowering Crabapple (Malus floribunda)

    Japanese Flowering Crabapple (Malus floribunda)

    M. floribundaProbably originated in Japan, imported to the West about 1862. Its seedlings show considerable variation and it has produced many outstanding hybrids. Small, spreading tree, deep pink to red buds, single, white flowers. Fruit yellow or red...

  • Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

    Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

    Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) is an attractive small deciduous tree from eastern Asia. It may be slow growing but its foliage and form is worth waiting for as a very attractive ornamental tree with dissected leaves that are both beautiful in summer and...

  • Julia's Blush Crabapple (Malus 'Julia's Blush')

    Julia's Blush Crabapple (Malus 'Julia's Blush')

    A small ornamental tree with an open spreading habit, Julia's Blush has abundant single deep pink flowers in mid Spring. New foliage has purplish-green tips, maturing to bronze green leaves. Produces large red fruit with a pink flesh. Suitable for crab...

  • Katherine Havemeyer Lilac

    Katherine Havemeyer Lilac

    An old fashioned double flowering lilac, Syringa vulgaris 'Katherine Havemeyer' is an upright deciduous shrub that will take on a spreading habit as the plant matures. Dense clustered panicles of fragrant, lavender-purple flowers fade to lilac-pink...

  • Lebanese Wild Apple Crabapple (Malus trilobata) Lebanese Wild Apple Crabapple (Malus trilobata) Lebanese Wild Apple Crabapple (Malus trilobata)

    Lebanese Wild Apple Crabapple (Malus trilobata)

    Also called the Three-Lobed Apple Tree, M. trilobata is upright and narrow to 4 m tall with attractive flowers and foliage. It can be grown in confined spaces and makes an interesting avenue when planted on either side of a path or driveway as seen...

  • Lionheart Rose

    Lionheart Rose

    Rosa hybrida 'Lionheart'  has is a tall Hybrid Tea rose with a classically beautiful pale apricot bloom featuring a delicate perfume. Exceptional healthy disease free Hybrid tea bush bearing abundant pink blooms on long, almost...

  • Malus 'Echtermeyer' (weeper) Malus 'Echtermeyer' (weeper) Malus 'Echtermeyer' (weeper) Malus 'Echtermeyer' (weeper)

    Malus 'Echtermeyer' (weeper)

    Pick-up only Weeper grafted at 1.2m tall. Pruning to comply with Australia Post requirements is not appropriate for this plant. Malus 'Echtermeyer' is a crabapple that bears red-purple flowers in spring on pendulous branches that can...