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Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)


Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) is an attractive small deciduous tree from eastern Asia. It may be slow growing but its foliage and form is worth waiting for as a very attractive ornamental tree with dissected leaves that are both beautiful in summer and brilliant in autumn with scarlet, yellow and orange leaves. The trunk and twigs are attractive too with green to red papery winged seeds.

Japanese Maple's size and ability to tolerate full sun to part-shade makes it a handy garden and landscape tree especially for small gardens. Prefers shelter from wind and soil that is well-drained, moist and slightly acid. Looks great as a specimen or when planted in groups.

• Uses: ornamental tree, specimen tree, bonsai, containers
• Size: 4 to 5 metres high x 4 metres wide depending on conditions
• Tolerances: full sun to part-shade
• Features: useful small garden tree, summer and autumn foliage, attractive bark and twigs