Rootstock Northern Spy

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A seedling that originated in east Bloomfield in western New York in 1828. It was initially selected for its excellent and long keeping fruit and later became sought after as a rootstock. Northern Spy is a very popular rootstock with Australian orchardists due to its good resistance to Wooly Aphids. northern Spy produces medium sized trees of good cropping which begins at a reasonably young tree age. Trees on Northern Spy tend to be shallow rooted and will often develop a one sided root system often preferring good soil conditions. Staking is not required for trees of this rootstock.

Testing conducted some years ago at the Knoxfield research Station of the Victorian Department of Agriculture found that Northern Spy was not surpassed by any other rootstock tested at the time.

Our retail range of rootstocks have been grown for an extra year inground to produce a large plant suitable for a variety of grafting techniques.

*Plant growth is always influenced by climate, nutrition, water availability, etc, so height figures are always only a guide.