Rootstock M9

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Selected as a chance seedling of ‘Jaune de Metz’, in France in the late 1870’s. M.9 was one of the first rootstocks collected by the East Mailing Research Station and given the number ‘9’ which was later replaced by the name Malling 9. A dwarfing rootstock that induces early cropping on young trees. The fruit on scion varieties with M.9 rootstocks are larger and ripen earlier especially when the trees are young.

M.9 is adaptable to a wide range of soil types, but is reported to be unsuitable for dry, sandy soils. It can tolerate a heavier soil type and wetter soil conditions. M.9 has a brittle root system that rarely suckers. Trees on M.9 rootstocks will require staking all of their life.

*Plant growth is always influenced by climate, nutrition, water availability, etc, so height figures are always only a guide.