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Kanzan Japanese Flowering Cherry (Prunus 'Kanzan')


The beautiful Kanzan Japanese Flowering Cherry (Prunus serrulata 'Kanzan') is a double pink ornamental flowering cherry from Japan. It is also known as 'Sekiyama'. This deciduous tree has a number of seasonal highlights and is one of the most popular flowering cherries for good reason. We have one in the centre of our rose garden and its clustered ruffled deep pink blossoms on long stalks are a sight to behold in spring (from mid October here on the farm). We enjoy it in the house in vases mixed with lilac, apple blossom, sweet peas and other spring flowers.

Strong branches have an upright habit and can grow to 12 m tall. The creased leaves with toothed edges emerge in spring as a bronze colour, form shady dark green foliage in summer and then turn lovely reds, oranges and hints of yellows in autumn. As the tree matures, it forms a broadening vase shape on a clear trunk.

• Uses: ornamental tree, shade tree, specimen tree, avenue tree, vase arrangements, tub tree, parks, gardens
• Size: 12 metres high depending on conditions
• Flowering: from mid October
• Tolerances: pruning if required
• Features: beautiful double pink cherry blossom, leaves with lovely reds, oranges and hints of yellows in autumn

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