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Fugenzo Flowering Cherry (Prunus 'Fugenzo')


Prunus 'Fugenzo' is one of the most beautiful of the flowering cherries with a long history in Japanese gardening stretching back 500 or more years. This may in part explain the confusing range of names by which it is still known. It is often incorrectly named P. 'J. H. Veitch-Fugenzo'. 'Albo-rosea' is currently used in Japan as the cultivar name of 'Fugenzo'.

Syn. Prunus 'J. H. Veitch-Fugenzo' (incorrect).

It is thought the name has survived many nursery clones. The modern form, called the J.H. Veitch Cherry after the famous nurseryman, is a broad tree with a flattened crown. Young foliage is coppery red turning bronze-green. Flower buds are pinkish red opening to a lighter pure pink double flower turning almost red before fading.

To 10m high by 8m wide growing up to 15m wide on favourable soil in about 50 years.

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