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Lapins Cherry (dwarf)

Originated at Summerland in Canada, from a Van x Stella cross. The fruit is large, round–heart shaped, with dark red–mahogany skin. It has good flavour with red flesh that is firm and juicy. It blossoms early in the season and is...

Morello Cherry (dwarf)

The Morello cherry is sour to the palate when eaten fresh, but is ideal in cooking pies and preserves and making jam. The taste compliments chocolate as well. • Uses: cooking, bottling, preserving, jam • Features: Dwarf approx. 50% of standard...

Sir Don Cherry (dwarf)

Bred in South Australia in 1986 and under Plant Breeder’s Rights in Australia, parents Black Douglas x Stella. Dark red large kidney-shaped fruit, high cropping efficiency. Matures late December. • Pollination Group: Self pollinating •...

Stella Cherry (dwarf)

Originated in British Columbia, Canada in 1968. The fruit is large, heart-shaped and of the Lambert-type with a black skin. The flesh is black, moderately-firm and relatively coarse. Trees are vigorous, of upright, spreading habit, and productive...