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Jostaberry Black Currant X Gooseberry


The unusual Jostaberry (Ribes nidigrolaria) is a cross between Black Currant and Gooseberry bred in Germany in the 1970s. It grows as a deciduous open shrub with no thorns up to 2 m tall and can be espaliered, loosely hedged or grown in a tub. It does best grown in multiples in full sun and will tolerate part shade and frosts. The green fruit turn dark purple almost black when ripe. Jostaberries are tart when eaten fresh and preserve well in the freezer. Great dropped frozen into cake batter just before baking or mixed with other berries and fruit in summer puddings and crumbles, jam, jellies, and in savoury style sauces. Yum!

• Pollination Group: self pollinating
• Uses: eating, cooking, jam, jelly, preserving, freezing
• Harvest: December to January
• Features: easy to grow berry that stores well and is versatile especially for cooking

Reference Gilbert, A. (2011) Berry bounty. Hyland House Publishing, Australia.


Image Copyright Heritage Fruit Trees