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Dorsett Golden Apple (medium)

Originated in the Bahamas in 1953 at the home of Mrs Irene Dorsett, Nassau, New Providence Islands. It was introduced in 1964. Fruits are sweet and juicy with a light aromatic flavour.Flowers early, Anna is a good pollination partner. (Contains public...

Ein Shemer Apple (medium)

A low chill, large, Golden Delicious type apple suitable for subtropical areas. Very productive, early bearing. Originating in Israel. Image (accessed 7/4/16) Pollination Group: PG1 Uses: Eating Harvest: Feb - March Features: Low chill

Gala Apple (medium)

Raised in about 1934 by J.H.Kidd at Greytown Wairarapa, New Zealand. It was named in 1965. Fruits have firm, crisp, fine-textured, juicy flesh with a sweet and good aromatic flavour. Pollination Group: PG4 Uses: Eating Harvest: Feb - Mar Features:...

James Grieve Apple (medium)

Raised by James Grieve in Edinburgh, Scotland and introduced by his employers, Dickson's nurserymen. It was first recorded in 1893. Received Award of Merit in 1897 and First Class Certificate in 1906 from RHS. Thought to be a seedling from...