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Antoinette Apple (tall)

Apple Antoinette is a rare in Australia cider variety from the Normandy area of northern France and is also grown in Brittany. The aromatic juicy fruit has white flesh that tastes sweet with a bitter aftertaste. It is used as a bittersweet addition to...

Belle Cacheuse Apple (medium)

A large cooking and cider variety of French origins. A SWEET cider type. Image (accessed 7/4/16) Pollination Group: PG3 Uses: Cider, Cooking Harvest: March-April Features: SWEET, large fruit

Cimetiere de Blangy Apple (medium)

Apple 'Cimetiere de Blangy' is a French cider apple grown for bittersweet cider and Calvados (apple brandy). Other names include 'Blangy', 'Blagny' and 'Cimitiere du Pays'. • Pollination Group: PG4 • Uses: cider (bittersweet), Calvados (apple...

Dabinett Apple (medium)

Vintage quality, i.e. well enough balanced in sugar, tannin and acid content to make a single variety cider. An old cider apple which arose in the Martock area Somerset. Believed to have been named after a Mr Dabinett. Possibly a seedling of Chisel...

Foxwhelp Apple (medium)

This is one of the oldest surviving varieties of cider apple; it is first mentioned in John Evelyn's Advertisements Concerning Cider in his work Pomona of 1664. It is usually said to have originated...

Improved Foxwhelp Apple (medium)

From Bulmers, Hereford, England, prior to 1920. One of the premier cider making apples. Mild bittersharp, early. Striped bright red over pale yellow base.Ideal blender, can be biennial. Pollination Group: PG3 Uses: Cider Harvest: March - April Features:...

Somerset Redstreak Apple (medium)

Thought to have originated in the Sutton Montis area of Somerset. As a result of its good performance in a 1917 trial at the National Fruit & Cider Institute together with good orchard performance at Burghill, Hereford, it was subsequently propagated...

Sweet Alford Apple (medium)

Variety from Devon producing a good quality sweet cider, sometimes mildly bittersweet. Pollination Group: PG3 Uses: Cider Harvest: March - April Features: SWEET

Tremlett's Bitter Apple (medium)

Originated in the Exe Valley, Devon. Flowers are very sensitive to frost which may contribute to the trees biennial cropping pattern. Susceptible to scab. Good crop wiith up to 3 weeks storage. Produces a full bittersweet cider. Contains public...

Yarlington Mill Apple (medium)

Originated in the village of Yarlington, North Cadbury, Somerset. Medium bittersweet, late mid-season.Large fruit, pinkish-red flush over yellow base.Good commercial cropping habit, can tend to be biennial without skilled pruning.Stores reasonably...