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Belle de Boskoop Apple (dwarf)

Thought to be a bud sport of Reinette de Montfort. Found by K.J.W. Ottolander, Boskoop, The Netherlands in 1856, it received an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1897. One of the better cooking apples, the aromatic flesh remains...

Cortland Apple (dwarf)

Raised in 1898 by S.A. Beach at New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, USA. Fruits have moderately juicy, slightly coarse-textured flesh with a sweet, refreshing flavour. Skin is tough. The flesh is slow to go brown after cutting...

Cox's Pomona Apple (dwarf)

Apple 'Cox's Pomona' is believed to be a sister seedling of 'Cox's Orange Pippin'. One of its parents is 'Ribston Pippin'. It was raised in about 1825 by Richard Cox at Colnbrook Lawn, Slough, Buckinghamshire and introduced by Smale, Colnbrook Nursery,...

Esopus Spitzenburg Apple (dwarf)

A parent of the famous Jonathon apple and old favourite in the USA in the 19th century for its apple pies as well as eaten fresh. Thought to have contributed to the development of the Waldorf Salad. Pollination Group: PG3 Uses: Eating, Cooking Harvest:...

Hazelwood Apple (dwarf)

Apple Hazelwood is a lovely apple we have propagated from our Collections Orchard on the farm because we think it is a great eating apple. It is juicy with acid notes and really nice to eat when it's ripe in mid March to early April. It is listed in...

Idared Apple (dwarf)

A Jonathan x Wagener cross from the Idaho Agricultural Experimental Station, Moscow, Idaho, rasied by Leif Verner. Ida(ho) Red was introduced in 1942 and is still grown commercially in North America, France, Germany, and to a small extent in England. A...

Jonathan Apple (dwarf)

Thought to be a seedling of Esopus Spitzenberg, originated on the farm of Philip Rick, Woodstock, Ulster County, New York and first described by Judge J. Buel in 1826 and named by him after Jonathan Hasbrouck. Fruits are soft, fine-textured with fairly...

Peasgood's Nonsuch Apple (dwarf)

Raised by Mrs Peasgood at Stamford, Lincolnshire, England from seed sown in about 1858. Said to be a Catshead cross. Received First Class Certificate from Royal Horticultural Society in 1872. Fruits are a little coarse textured, moderately juicy and a...

Tuft's (Tufts) Apple (dwarf)

Apple 'Tuft's' is also known as 'Tuft's Baldwin' or 'Tufts'. Variety from Cambridge, Massachusetts in about 1830. Medium to large round red apple with conspicuous dots. Flesh firm and yellow/green tinge. Good mild subacid flavour. • Pollination...