White Currant

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The White Currant (Ribes rubrum) is an albino-fruited form of the redcurrant and fruit hang in small trusses on a small deciduous shrub (1-2 m tall) that is easy to grow. They do well in full sun and will tolerate part shade although the crop may ripen later. They can be eaten fresh loaded with Vitamin C, and are the perfect accompaniment for desserts, cheese platters, used in baking, summer pudding, sprinkled on porridge and blended with other berries for a lovely summer berry salad.

• Pollination Group: generally self-fertile so no other pollinators are required, although fruit size and pollination can be improved with redcurrants and other white currants nearby
• Uses: eating, cooking, preserving, jelly, syrups, desserts, freezing
• Harvest: January
• Features: attractive small white berries: great source of vitamin C

Reference Gilbert, A. (2011) Berry bounty. Hyland House Publishing, Australia.

Image Copyright Richard Villalon