Tuscany™ Nectarine (dwarf)

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Tuscany™ is the name given to the commercial nectarine variety Caldesi by a group of wholesale nurseries that grow it on a dwarfing rootstock for the retail market.

The fruit is a freestone, medium to large and round with white flesh and red skin. Sweet tasting and juicy with a pleasant nectarine fragrance. A heavy bearer that is best permanently staked to support heavy crops. Suitable for tubs and small gardens.

  • Uses: Eating fresh, stewing, jams, cooking, preserving 
  • Pollination: self-pollinating 
  • Harvest: late Jan to early Feb
  • Chill requirement: low 
  • Features: Dwarf approx. 50% of standard tree, freestone, suitable to grow from southern Australia to SE Queensland.


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