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Snow Pear (Pyrus nivalis)


The Snow Pear (Pyrus nivalis) is a deciduous ornamental tree from Europe and Turkey. It has masses of white spring blossom and its downy leaves, when they first emerge, become grey green as they mature. The leaves become a beautiful deep red in autumn. The Snow Pear is a great landscaping tree with blossom, autumnal colour, and its grey green foliage that can be contrasted with other garden plants and its attractive shape on a straight trunk. It tolerates pruning and can be shaped further adding to its garden versatility.

• Uses: ornamental tree, shade tree, specimen tree, pleached, avenue tree, farm, looks especially good planted in groves in paddocks
• Size: 8-10 metres high x 5-8 metres wide depending on conditions
• Flowering: early white spring blossom
• Features: late autumn foliage, drought hardy, easily shaped