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Robe de Sergeant Prune (dwarf)


Robe de Sergeant (sometimes spelt Robe de Sergent or Robe de Sargent) is one of the best tasting prune plums, very sweet and juicy. Fruit is medium sized roundish oval with deep purple to blackish colour and a thick grey bloom. The flesh is freestone, greenish-yellow, juicy, very sweet and highly flavoured and can be used for fresh fruit, drying and jam.  

Its habit is naturally upright, small and productive with willowing branches when laden with fruit.

Between 1880 and 1907 a young Frenchman, Felix Gillet, imported many new varieties of fruit and nut trees including Robe de Sergeant from Europe to California. Trees in that region now well over 100 years old are said to continue to this day to bear crops and who no signs of decline. 

  • Pollination Group: Cross pollinate with another European plum
  • Uses: drying, eating
  • Harvest: mid-late summer
  • Size: approx. 2m x 2m