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  • Prune D'Agen Prune (dwarf)

    Prune D'Agen Prune (dwarf)

    Agen is regarded as one of the best plums for making prunes because with high sugar and solids content it cures readily to form a sweet, long lasting prune. It is also an excellent dessert plum. Its origins are said to date from the return of the...

  • Robe de Sergeant Prune (dwarf)

    Robe de Sergeant Prune (dwarf)

    Robe de Sergeant (sometimes spelt Robe de Sergent or Robe de Sargent) is one of the best tasting prune plums, very sweet and juicy. Fruit is medium sized roundish oval with deep purple to blackish colour and a thick grey bloom. The flesh is freestone,...

2 of 2 Items