Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera) Birch

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Paper Birch 'Betula papyrifera' or White birch is a medium deciduous tree which is known for it's flakey white, texture bark, vigour and fast growth rate. Large oval, rounded, upright shape. Dark green, tooth like shape foliage which turns to a golden yellow in autumn. Yellow-brown, drooping catkin male flowers appear in Spring. While greenish, upright catkin female flowers give way to drooping cone-like fruits. Native to North America and used long ago to send messages by peeling the bark. Also known as Canoe Birch from it's use by the Native Americans and early fur trappers as a lightweight canoe.

  • Size approx: 10-20m high x 6m wide depending on conditions
  • Uses: Ornamental tree, specimen tree, bonsai, grow singly or in groves, borders, rockeries, streetscapes
  • Features: Beautiful autumn foliage, white flakey bark, easy to grow and low maintenance, hardy

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