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  • Blackboy Cherry

    Blackboy Cherry

    Very dark coloured skin and flesh, medium fruit ripens in mid December. High chill required. Pollination Group: cross with Stella, Van Uses: eating Harvest: mid-December  

  • Burgsdorf Cherry

    Burgsdorf Cherry

    A seedling that was developed at Harcourt in Victoria by Mr Burgsdorf. It is the first main commercial variety harvested each season. Burgsdorf is a dark-fleshed cherry of comparatively good size and firmness. In dry seasons, trees tend to overcrop on...

  • Early Burlat Cherry

    Early Burlat Cherry

    This variety originated in Morocco in 1936. The fruit is medium–large, rounded with red skin and flesh. It is susceptible to cracking and also requires careful handling from harvesting onwards. It blossoms mid-season and is a good quality, very-...

  • Lambert Cherry

    Lambert Cherry

    The Lambert Cherry (Prunus avium 'Lambert') has large fruit that are very deep red-purple with fantastic flavour. • Pollination Group: does better with Van, Stella or Blackboy growing nearby • Uses: eating, preserving • Harvest: mid-late...

  • Lapins Cherry

    Lapins Cherry

    Originated at Summerland in Canada, from a Van x Stella cross. The fruit is large, round–heart shaped, with dark red–mahogany skin. It has good flavour with red flesh that is firm and juicy. It blossoms early in the season and is...

  • Napoleon Cherry

    Napoleon Cherry

    Known as a White cherry. Pale yellow-red, sweet fruit with white flesh. Good for preserving.Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0.Harvest: Mid December. Pollination Group: Blackboy, Van, Stella, Lapin

  • Simone Cherry

    Simone Cherry

    Developed in Canada, Simone has large, dark coloured fruit and is an ideal home garden variety bearing consistent heavy crops. It is self-pollinating. Pollination: self-pollinating Uses: eating Harvest: Late December - early January Image

  • Sir Don Cherry

    Sir Don Cherry

    Bred in South Australia in 1986 and under Plant Breeder’s Rights in Australia, parents Black Douglas x Stella. Dark red large kidney-shaped fruit, high cropping efficiency. Matures late December. • Pollination Group: Self pollinating •...

  • Stella Cherry

    Stella Cherry

    Originated in British Columbia, Canada in 1968. The fruit is large, heart-shaped and of the Lambert- type with a black skin. The flesh is black, moderately-firm and relatively coarse and the variety is fairly-susceptible to cracking. Trees are...

  • Sunburst Cherry

    Sunburst Cherry

    Slightly earlier than Stella with dark red, delightfully sweet fruit. Pollination Group: cross with Stella or another sweet cherry variety Uses: eating Harvest: early-mid December Features: attractive as a garden specimen © Crown Copyright...

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