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Burgsdorf Cherry


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A seedling that was developed at Harcourt in Victoria by Mr Burgsdorf. It is the first main commercial variety harvested each season. Burgsdorf is a dark-fleshed cherry of comparatively good size and firmness. In dry seasons, trees tend to overcrop on Mahaleb stock with lighter crops of better fruit size observed in drier years on Mazzard stock. Trees are vigorous and develop to a large size, if allowed. This variety blossoms very early, meaning that pollination of early blossom can be a problem. Suitable pollination partners include one or more of Lapins, Empress, Sweetheart.

  • Pollination Group: cross with Lapins, Empress, Sweetheart.
  • Uses: eating
  • Harvest: mid-November
  • Features: earliest commercial variety

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