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  • Castlebrite Apricot

    Castlebrite Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca ‘Castlebrite’ or the Castlebrite Apricot is a prolific tree with golden yellow fleshed freestone fruit. The early bright orange sweet fruit when ripe has a red blush on the skin. It originated in California USA. Good for...

  • Divinity Apricot

    Divinity Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca ‘Divinity’ long established variety in Australia (1950s) with delicious, firm, slightly oval fruit with light orange flesh. A firm favourite, ideal eaten fresh. Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other...

  • Goldrich Apricot

    Goldrich Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca ‘Goldrich’ fruit are large and oval, with firm, deep orange flesh and a fine texture, and has good flavour and quality. Goldrich trees are vigorous and productive. Pollination Group: partially self-fertile,...

  • Hunter Apricot

    Hunter Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca ‘Hunter’ has firm, tasty deep orange flesh that is great for eating and excellent for producing home dried apricots.  Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other pollinators needed Uses: eating, drying Size:...

  • Moorpark Apricot

    Moorpark Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca ‘Moorpark’ is a deservedly popular home garden apricot with larger fruit than many varieties. Great fresh from the tree and is also good for cooking, juice and jam. Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other...

  • Patterson Apricot

    Patterson Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca ‘Patterson’ is named after the country town of Patterson in California USA that was once a leading apricot producing region for the United States and still celebrates apricots with its annual apricot fiesta. This variety...

  • Pink Flowering Apricot (Prunus mumé)

    Pink Flowering Apricot (Prunus mumé)

    The Pink Flowering Apricot (Prunus mumé) long grown in Australia as an attractive ornamental tree has a whole other range of under-utilised possibilities in this country for a variety of niche Japanese delicacies. Prunus mumé is from China,...

  • Plumcot


    The Plumcot is an unusual cross between an apricot and Japanese plum producing a very sweet fruit combining the best of both parents. Large, firm fruit has red to black skin and golden red flesh. It displays the vigour and productivity often resulting...

  • Rival Apricot

    Rival Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca 'Rival' is a very productive variety with large fruit, orange flesh and a lighter skin with a red bloom. Pollination Group: self-fertile, performs better with best with Goldrich, Moorpark Uses: eating, stewing, preserving, drying...

  • Tardif de Bordaneil Apricot Tardif de Bordaneil Apricot

    Tardif de Bordaneil Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca 'Tardif de Bordaneil', perhaps misnamed in Australia as Tardi de Bourdonel, is a French variety that helps extend the season, Tardif means late and this variety is perhaps the latest of the apricots we have, ripening from mid-summer...

  • Tilton Apricot

    Tilton Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca ‘Tilton' produces tender, juicy and aromatic fruit with a sweet-tart flavour. Fruit is medium sized with a heart shape, light orange skin, golden flesh with a red blush. Resistant to late frosts. Pollination Group:...

  • Trevatt Apricot

    Trevatt Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca ‘Trevatt' is Australian bred  from around 1900. It continues to be one of the most popular varieties for good reason: excellent eating and great for bottling and preserving. Pale apricot skin, orange flesh, firm and juicy...

12 of 12 Items