Michelin Apple (medium)

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Raised by M. Legrand of Yvetot, Normandy, France, it first fruited in 1872. It was named after M. Michelin of Paris, one of the original promoters appointed by the French Government for the study of cider fruits. Introduced into Herefordshire in 1884 by the Woolhope Naturalists Field Club. Fruits are small and pale green to yellow. Produces a sweet juice resulting in a bittersweet cider. Commonly used for blending. Mid-season harvest, good crop, slight tendency to biennial bearing; more than 3 weeks storage. BITTERSWEET

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  • Pollination Group: PG3
  • Uses: Cider, ideal blender
  • Harvest: April-May
  • Features: Top cider variety

Image from DPI NSW