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Gilbert Plum™


"Garden author, commentator and researcher Allen Gilbert told me more than 20 years ago about this plum he had selected. He thought it outstanding in taste, colour and hardiness. It is now our pleasure to offer the Gilbert Plum™, Prunus domestica ‘Gilbert Plum’ in memory of our great mate and mentor all these years later. We have trialled the Gilbert Plum in our orchard for a number of years and found it fruitful, hardy and vigorous. It is our opinion the Gilbert Plum deserves a place in every orchard." Rob Pelletier

  • Pollination: best results if grown with 2 or more European plum varieties.
  • Harvest: mid-February
  • Uses: Eating, jam, preserves, cooking, drying
  • Features: brilliant flavour, deep purple flesh.

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