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Crimson Rocket Peach (dwarf columnar)


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The Dwarf Peach Crimson Rocket (Prunus persica ‘Crimson Rocket’) is a narrow columnar peach tree that grows to about 2m tall with branches that grow upwards. The medium to large round fruit have yellow and mostly red blushed skin and yellow firm flesh (softens when fully ripe) with freestone. Flavour is sweet and aromatic and the fruit stores well. Spring blossom. Released in the USA in 2001. Great for growing in narrow places for example along paths, and in tubs on verandahs and balconies with plenty of sun. You get to enjoy looking at the fruit on the tree over summer and into autumn while they ripen.

• Pollination Group: The majority of peaches are self-fertile i.e. they don’t require another peach for pollination.
• Uses: eating, cooking, preserving 
• Harvest: late March 
• Features: narrow columnar peach tree great for narrow places and tubs and high-density production systems. Seasonal features include blossom and fruit

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