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Bramley's Seedling Apple (medium)

One of the world’s great apples, with a great story, and commercially still the most popular cooking apple grown in the UK. It is particularly high in vitamin C and keeps well. Raised by Mary Ann Brailsford, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England between...

Five Crown (London Pippin) Apple (medium)

Very old cooking and eating apple with the distinctive 5-lobed base. Originated in either Essex or Norfolk. It was recorded in 1580. Fruits have crisp, white, acid flesh. Of its many synonyms Five Crown is the most widely used in Australia. Pollination...

Rome Beauty Apple (medium)

Originated with H.N. Gillett in Lawrence County, Ohio, USA. Brought to notice in 1848. An excellent cooking apple and suitable for drying. Was a major commercial variety in its day. Also known for producing many sports. Well suited to Australia’s hotter...

Stewarts Seedling (Ballarat Seedling) Apple (medium)

Also called Ballarat Seedling. Found at Ballarat, Victoria, in the 1870s in the garden of Mrs Stewart. Known in the early 1900s. Fruits have coarse, hard flesh with a subacid flavour.Parentage: Dunn's Seedling x Unknown Pollination Group: PG3Uses:...