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Lady Williams Apple (dwarf)

Originated as a chance seedling in Donnybrook, Western Australia, in about 1935. Parents unknown but thought to be Granny Smith and Jonathan. Fruits have firm, crisp flesh. It rarely reaches maturity in the UK. Contains public sector information licensed...

Rokewood Apple (dwarf)

Originated in the Rokewood District near the Victorian regional city of Ballarat in the 1870?s. Popular in 19th century England because, as it ripens towards the start of the Australian winter and keeps well, it could be shipped to London and be on sale...

Yates Apple (dwarf)

A US variety raised in 1813 and selected by Matthew Yates of Fayette County, Georgia around 1844. It keeps well and its small size and sweet flavour make it an excellent choice for school lunch boxes. Used for cider production in USA. Smith Muriel W.G...