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Doctor Hogg Apple (dwarf)

Raised in Sussex and introduced around 1880 after receiving a Royal Horticultural Society First Class Certificate following trials. A tender eating variety with a sweet subacid flavour that also cooks well. (Contains public sector information licensed...

Five Crown (London Pippin) Apple (dwarf)

Very old cooking and eating apple with the distinctive 5-lobed base. Originated in either Essex or Norfolk. It was recorded in 1580. Fruits have crisp, white, acid flesh. Of its many synonyms Five Crown is the most widely used in Australia. Pollination...

Granny Smith Apple (dwarf)

Originated in Australia in from a chance seed thrown out by Mrs. Thomas Smith, Ryde, NSW. Mrs Smith was born in Peasmarsh, Sussex in 1800 and emigrated to Australia in 1838. Trees were fruiting in 1868. Seeds were thought to have been from French Crab...

Mutsu Apple (dwarf)

Bred in Mutsu in Japan in 1930 it has inherited the sweet flavour of Golden Delicious, one of its parents, also cooks well. Named ‘Mutsu’ in 1948 and then renamed ‘Crispin’ in the UK for commercial reasons in 1968. Grown commercially in the USA for...

Rome Beauty Apple (dwarf)

Originated with H.N. Gillett in Lawrence County, Ohio, USA. Brought to notice in 1848. An excellent cooking apple and suitable for drying. Was a major commercial variety in its day. Also known for producing many sports. Well suited to Australia’s hotter...

Roundway Magnum Bonum Apple (dwarf)

Raised by Mr Joy, gardener at Roundway Park, Devizes, Wiltshire, England. Received a First Class Certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1864. Fruits have rather soft, somewhat coarse-textured flesh with a very sweet and pleasant flavour. ...

Striped Beefing Apple (dwarf)

Found by George Lindley in the garden of William Crowe, Lakenham, Norwich, England in 1794. Distributed in 1847. Fruits have firm, coarse-textured, moderately juicy flesh with a fairly acid flavour. Excellent cooking apple. Contains public sector...