Albatross Peach

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Peach Albatross (Prunus persica ‘Albatross’) has very large fruit with light yellow skin, crimson tinged and speckled with darker crimson. The almost round juicy fruit has white flesh that has red colouring next to the stone. It was grown from a seed from Princess of Wales in around 1870 by Thomas Rivers in Sawbridgeworth, England.

• Pollination Group: The majority of peaches are self-fertile i.e. they don’t require another peach for pollination.
• Uses: eating, cooking, bottling, preserving
• Harvest: March
• Features: large blossom flowers, melting juicy very large fruit

Reference Hedrick U.P. (1916). Twenty-fourth Annual Report, Vol. 2, Part II, The Peaches of New York, Report of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station for the year 1916. State of New York - Department of Agriculture. Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, 1917.