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White Gold™ Peach (dwarf)


White Gold™ is the name given to the Fragar peach variety by a group of wholesale nurseries that grow it on a dwarfing rootstock for the retail market.

Fragar arose in the early 20th century in the small non-commercial farm orchard of Frank Fragar (born 1887) in the Bathurst area. Frank was a keen fruit grower with about 60 trees in his orchard.

The Fragar peach was a selected seedling from Frank's garden which became recognised for its high cropping tendency and excellent tasting fruit. In the late 1930s wood was collected by the NSW Agriculture Department and the variety was grown commercially.

Sweet, juicy, white-fleshed clingstone. Stake to support high yields, or thin fruit when small.

  • Uses: Eating fresh 
  • Pollination: self-pollinating 
  • Harvest: mid-January
  • Chill requirement: low 
  • Features: Dwarf approx. 50% of standard tree, freestone, suitable to grow from southern Australia to SE Queensland.


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