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Snow Apple (Fameuse) Apple (stepover)

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Thought to be a Canadian variety and may have been raised from seed brought from France by early settlers. It was planted in the USA in about 1730. Fruits have rather soft, fine-textured, juicy flesh with a very sweet and vinous flavour similar to McIntosh. Possibly a parent of the Macintosh. Called the Snow Apple due to its pure white flesh, the correct name is Fameuse and it is often called Pomme de Neige. A hardy and heavy bearing tree ideal for home orchards. A firm favourite with many. Syn. Snow Apple; Pomme de Neige.

Bultitude J. (1983) Apples A Guide to the Identification of International Varieties. Seattle: University of Washington Press.

  • Pollination Group: PG2
  • Uses: Eating
  • Harvest: March - April
  • Features: Lunchbox