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Indian Horse Chestnut (Aesculus indica)


The Indian Horse-chestnut, Aesculus indica, is a large attractive ornamental deciduous tree from northwestern Himalayas. 

It has large compound leaves shaped like a hand, that emerge in spring. The leaflets point downwards forming an attractive base for the large narrow upright clusters of flowers, pinky-white with yellow markings. These are followed by hard brown fruit (conkers) in smooth husks that are not edible, although they resemble the edible chestnut. The timber can be carved. This plant contains toxins that are poisonous to humans and animals.

  • Uses: ornamental tree, shade tree, specimen tree, parks and large gardens 
  • Size: typically to 18 metres high, sometimes to 30 m high depending on conditions
  • Flowering/Fruiting: flowers early summer and fruit summer
  • Features: very attractive long-lived ornamental shade tree with striking flowers, yellow-orange autumn foliage, does well in cool climates, fast growing.


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Reference Accessed 14/3/2019
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