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Hayward Kiwi Fruit (female)


Actinidia deliciosa cultivar ‘Hayward’ is called Chinese Gooseberry or Kiwifruit and is in fact from China. Botanically speaking the fruit is a berry.

The long-lived plant is a very vigorous climber (up to 9 m) that needs a strong structure for support. Female plants need a male plant for pollination. Hayward’s large brown fruit have a fuzzy coating and are sweet when ripe.

The fruit is harvested mainly in June and can remain on the plant well into winter (in frost-free areas). The large leaves fall in autumn. Harvested fruit can store for some time, be eaten fresh, used in salads, on pavlovas, baked in pies and cakes, smoothies, jams and preserved.

Hayward needs a frost-free period of about 225 to 240 days. Plants can tolerate some frost although young shoots and fruit are very susceptible. Frost protection may be needed in some areas. Plants need protection from strong wind and hot summer sun. Annual pruning is required for productive crops. Plants need sufficient water and no water logging to grow well. The plants can provide good summer shade and bare stems allow light into homes when grown on a pergola.

• Pollination Group: female plants need a male plant for pollination to produce fruit (about one male to 6 to 10 females, the male does not produce fruit)
• Uses: eating, cooking, salads, bottling, preserving, drying, jam
• Harvest: (April) to June
• Chill requirement: 500-700 hours below 7 degrees C
• Features: tasty fruit that store into winter and a useful climber for home shade