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Fairytale Magic Rose


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Rosa hybrida 'Fairytale Magic'  has light pink, fully petaled blooms with an apricot centre. The blooms are generally large for the size of the plant giving a fuller effect. Fragrant and great for borders and pots. An easy care rose that is highly recommended. This Award winning magical rose has not only received multiple gold medals but also the esteemed Golden Rose of Baden Baden in 2016.

  • Disease resistance*: 5 star
  • Size approx: 90cm
  • Flower colour: Light pink
  • Flower size: Large
  • Fragrance: Strong
  • Thorns: Minimal
  • Type: Floribunda bush rose
  • Suits most regions including sub-tropical

*Disease resistance explained
Following assessment during humid, wet conditions which favour fungal pathogens:
5 star varieties did not show any disease symptoms;
4 star varieties showed only very minor disease symptoms.
We have chosen not to stock varieties with a 1, 2 or 3 star rating.
We love plants that don’t need spraying! And we know our customers feel the same way.