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American Crabapple Charlottae (Malus coronaria var. dasycalyx 'Charlottae')


The American Crabapple Charlottae (Malus coronaria var. dasycalyx 'Charlottae') is named in honour of the wife of the discoverer, E. de Wolf, who found the seedling in 1902 near Waukegan, Illinois, USA. The deciduous tree broadens as it matures and reaches 4 to 8 m high depending on conditions. It has large late season semi-double flowers. The buds are an apricot colour, flowers are semi-double to double fragrant pale pink, followed by fruit that ripen to 3 cm across, green to yellow-green with a blue bloom. Also known as Malus coronaria 'Charlottae'.

• Features: beautiful fragrant pink flowers late in the flowering season

Reference Fiala Fr. John L. (1994) Flowering Crabapples The Genus Malus. Portland, Oregon: Timber Press.