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Ordering plants from us

Orders can be placed through our website. Select SHOP in the main menu at the top of every page to check our range or use the search box located at the top right side of any page of this website. We do not take orders over the phone or by post or email.

We sell deciduous plants in winter

After plants become dormant in winter we dig them up, wash the soil from the roots and ship them to our customers, or hold them for pick up.

When will I get my order?

Plant orders are shipped or available for collection from mid-July to the end of August/early September each year after dormant trees have been lifted, washed and graded. Non-plant orders are shipped throughout the year.

In our efforts to ship orders we deal with weather variability that slows and interrupts lifting and preparing trees, staff absence due to COVID and flu - this winter we have lost several person weeks so far, and difficulty at present in finding seasonal casual staff. And then there are delays once we hand parcels to Australia Post as they experience staff absences and staff shortages. more...

Order collection

Where possible we encourage you to collect your orders. Many trees must be cut to fit Australia Post's maximum allowed parcel length. Orders to be collected do not require trimming. more...

How big are HFT's plants?

Tree size is affected by plant species and variety, method of propagation, annual factors including drought, temperature and hours of sunshine, in other words all the things that affect plant growth anywhere, anytime. In brief:

  • Fruit and most ornamental trees are a minimum of approx. 75cm measured from ground level to tip unless otherwise stated.
  • Many trees are taller and are cut to size for shipping. They are left uncut for orders being picked up.
  • Currants, raspberries, grapevines, pomegranates are approx. a minimum of 30cm tall unless stated otherwise.
  • We only send out trees that we think are healthy and capable of growing to the normal size for that particular variety.


Combine multiple orders

Yes! We are happy to combine all your orders into a single order until we start picking and packing work (we will let you know by email when that happens). This keeps shipping costs down. more...

When your package arrives

Promptly unpack plants and pop them in a bucket of water for an hour or two before planting or healing in to ensure they remain healthy. more...

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inform Heritage Fruit Trees within 7 days of receipt of plants if they feel the plants are defective.

General disclaimer

The materials contained on this website are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or other professional advice on any subject matter. We (Heritage Fruit Trees) do not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained on this site as the interpretation and resulting action based on this information requires expertise that is outside our control. Images are provided as a guide only and may not be a true representation of a specific variety.

Terms and Conditions of use for this website

Make sure you understand and are prepared to accept what is stated on this page and our standard Terms and Conditions (there is a link at bottom of each page) before placing an order. There is a tick box at checkout to confirm your acceptance and understanding. more...

Repeat customer discount

We offer returning customers a discount*, often in addition to other discounts and specials. Discounts are shown in your shopping cart when finalising purchases. You need to create an account when completing your first order to be eligible for the discount on future orders. If you check out as a guest our ecommerce system will not remember you!

*shipping/pick-up charges are not discounted.

Can I cancel an order?

In most cases yes, although there may be some cost. more...

Order Status

Find out how this changes between when your order is placed and when it is shipped. more...

Shipping and pick-up charges

Yes we have to charge for both SHIPPING and PICK-UP. more...

When something goes wrong - please get in touch