Lovejoy’s Lunch Apple (dwarf)

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Lovejoy's Lunch is a seedling that was growing in an old blacksmiths workshop at Long Gully in Bendigo where the Lovejoy family lived last century. They loved the apples so much that they took a cutting of it when they moved and successfully established it in their new garden at Skipton. Then we at Heritage Fruit Trees were given the chance to taste the fruit and we were smitten! Ms Lovejoy kindly allowed us to have some wood and, well, the rest is history.

We still have some research to confirm pollination group and the exact harvest date, but we can say without fear of contradiction that Lovejoy's Lunch is well worth growing. The name is in honour of the Lovejoy family who had the foresight to save this variety and the good grace to give us a taste and some grafting wood.