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Ordering, Shipping & Order Status

What your Order's Status means        Shipping and Pick-up Charges        Combining Multiple Orders


We commence taking orders early April 2017 and continue until the end of August 2017.

2017 DELIVERIES AND COLLECTION WILL COMMENCE MID-JULY (same as in previous years). It then takes several weeks to process the orders that have accumulated since early April. By around mid-August we expect new orders to be processed within 5 working days.

An email is sent when products are dispatched or become available for collection.

Plant orders can be collected at our farm nursery by selecting the pick-up option at Check Out.

  • Plants are lifted (dug from the ground) when fully dormant, usually from mid-June to early July.
  • Purchases are processed in the order in which they were received.
  • We cannot give delivery dates in advance.
  • We can avoid dispatching your order if you supply dates you will be away.
  • Non-plant products are shipped all year.

Mail Order Range

Our mail order range includes grafted, budded and cutting grown trees, vines and bushes†. Check our FAQs for a fuller description of our fruit trees.

†Figs, blueberries, grapevines and pomegranates are cutting grown, raspberry canes are offsets.

Combining Multiple Orders

We will combine multiple orders for shipping for you as long as your original order has not been packed. This reduces the total shipping charge you pay.

We will combine multiple orders for collection so you can collect all your orders at once.


  1. Select the pick-up option for second, and subsequent, orders when choosing shipping method. You must have selected and paid for shipping for your first order to be eligible for multiple orders to be shipped together.
    (We may require additional shipping to be paid where later orders are much larger than the first order.)
  2. Email us with your order numbers and let us know you would like them processed together.
  3. This offer is not available for non-plant orders.


  1. Email us with your order numbers and let us know you would like them processed together.

Other Important Information

  • Products are only dispatched after cheques have cleared or funds have reached our account.
  • Plants are sent by Australia Post. Please don't send special delivery instructions - your order will be delivered by Australia Post in the same way it would handle any large parcel.
  • While dormant bare-root plants can survive in the packaging for more than a week, the sooner they are unpacked and healed-in* after their arrival the better.
  • Keep packaged plants out of direct sun.

*roots covered with soil or mulch to keep them moist

Interstate Ordering

We accept orders from the ACT, South Australia, Victoria, NSW, Western Australia and Queensland. We can only send Grapevines to Victorian addresses. We cannot send blueberries to WA.

Shipping and Pick-up Charges

Shipping charges can be confirmed when checking out before finalising your purchase. Our Shipping Charge includes labour, materials and fees for picking out, final washing, chemical treatment and associated paperwork for WA orders, trimming if required, tying, bagging, final wrapping and postage. The cost to process additional trees after the first is considerably lower so most of the shipping charge occurs even if a single tree is sent. The cost for each additional tree is much lower. Overall we struggle to cover our costs with these charges.

We have had to introduce a $7.50 Pick-up Charge to cover the cost of picking out order items, final washing, trimming if required, tying, bagging, setting aside for collection and attending to customers when they arrive to collect orders. The Pick-up Charge is clearly identified and requires selection before completing a purchase. Overall we still lose a little money on this part of our work.

Order Status

When you place an order it is given an Order Status. You can see the Order Status of your order(s) by logging in to your account. In most cases when your Order Status changes you will receive an email alerting you to the change.

This is what the different Order Status designations mean:


Its meaning is self-explanatory. This status appears automatically when you choose to pay for an order by direct debit. 


This means that your order has been accepted and is paid for, but has not been internally processed or picked out. This status appears automatically when you pay for your order immediately by PayPal or credit card OR after you pay by direct debit and we manually change the status from Awaiting Payment to Order Confirmed.


While this status may be visible when you log in and check your order status please disregard it. We use it for administrative purposes to indicate a further stage in our order processing system.


Your order is ready for collection on the nominated days. There is a link in the email you received listing the available pick-up dates.


Some items in your order have been shipped. This occurs when non-plant items such as labels or tools are shipped to you before fruit trees are ready.


Your order has been shipped.


Your order has been cancelled.