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  • Belle Lucrative Pear

    Belle Lucrative Pear

    Another wonderfully historic pear variety about which much more is written in our reference than there is space for here. Belle Lucrative is of Flemish origin. In 1831 it was growing in the London Horticultural Society’s gardens at Chiswick,...

  • Bendigo Beauty Peach

    Bendigo Beauty Peach

    Delicious juicy peach with white flesh and red/yellow skin that ripens in early January. • Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other pollinators needed • Uses: eating, cooking, bottling, preserving • Harvest: early January •...

  • Berry bounty - book

    Berry bounty - book

    A comprehensive look at growing a wide range of berries. Topics include selection, pruning, fertilising, organic growing, pests and diseases, container growing.

  • Bess Pool Apple (medium)

    Bess Pool Apple (medium)

    Bess Pool is one of the latest flowering apples which makes it potentially a suitable pollinator for later flowering varieties (PG5) including the often frustrating cider varieties Stoke Red, Verite and Brown Snout. Discovered in a wood in...

  • Beurre Bosc Pear Beurre Bosc Pear

    Beurre Bosc Pear

    A seedling pear found by Dr Van Mons, growing in the garden of M. Swates at Linkebeeke, France. It was named after M. Bosc, the Director of the Jardin des Plantes, at Paris. Fruits have yellowish, tender, juicy flesh with a perfumed flavour. A...

  • Beurre Diel Pear (semi-dwarf)

    Beurre Diel Pear (semi-dwarf)

    A chance seedling found in 1805, by M. Meuris the head gardener for Dr. Van Mons at the Chateau of Perck near Vilvoorde. Van Mons named it in honour of his friend Dr. Augustus Frederick Adrien Diel, a distinguished German pomologist. Lemon-yellow, rough,...

  • Beurre Easter Pear (semi-dwarf)

    Beurre Easter Pear (semi-dwarf)

    Seems to have originated in the gardens of the Capucin Monastery at Louvain, Belgium, where there was recorded, about 1823, an old pear tree known to the monks as the Pastorale de Louvain. As the variety attracted attention it became widely...

  • Beurre Hardy Pear (semi-dwarf)

    Beurre Hardy Pear (semi-dwarf)

    A French pear raised in about 1820 by M. Bonnet, Boulonge-sur-Mer, France. Acquired by M. Jean-Laurent Jamin, a nurseryman near Paris, who named it in honour of M. Hardy Director and Professor of Arboriculture at the Garden of Luxembourg. It was...

  • Beurre Superfin Pear (semi-dwarf)

    Beurre Superfin Pear (semi-dwarf)

    Raised in 1837 by M. Goubalt, Angers, France. First fruited in 1844. Introduced to america about 1850. Fruits have yellowish white, very melting, sweet flesh with a delicious perfumed flavour. Pollination Group: Buerre Bosc, Williams, Comice,...

  • Black Amber Japanese Plum Black Amber Japanese Plum

    Black Amber Japanese Plum

    Prunus salicina 'Black Amber' Japanese Plum - One of the best Japanese plums. Bred by J.H.Weinerberger from Fresno, California (USA), in 1980. It is a midseason, heavy bearing plum producing medium to large, round or slightly flattened fruit of dark...

  • Black Currant

    Black Currant

    Plants approx. 25cm to 35cm tallRibes nigrum European Blackcurrant Solid yields make the European Blackcurrant a great choice for the farm and home food garden. High in Vitamin C and strongly flavoured, fruit can be used fresh and is often used in...

  • Black Diamond European Plum

    Black Diamond European Plum

    One of the earliest plums. Not to be confused with the variety of the same name expressed as a ®egistered trademark. The Black Diamond plums we sell are an old variety with dark coloured skin and flesh. We are not sure if they have, as...

  • Black Genoa Fig

    Black Genoa Fig

    Black Genoa is the leading commercial variety for fresh fruit production. The tree has an open and spreading habit. The fruit is dark purple at maturity, with red seeds and white flesh. It is a squat, pear-shaped fruit. It has a distinctive flavour and...

  • Black Sultana Seedless Grape

    Black Sultana Seedless Grape

    Vitis vinifera 'Black Sultana' is a seedless reddish-black grape from Azerbeijan. Ripens two weeks later than White Sultana. Early-mid season. Harvest: Early to mid-season Pollination: Self-pollinating Type: Seedless Uses: Eating fresh or for...

  • Blackboy Cherry

    Blackboy Cherry

    Very dark coloured skin and flesh, medium fruit ripens in mid December. High chill required. Pollination Group: cross with Stella, Van Uses: eating Harvest: mid-December  

  • Blackboy Peach (dwarf)

    Blackboy Peach (dwarf)

    The dwarf peach ‘Blackboy’ is a late maturing freestone peach with purple/red flesh and skin. It’s melting texture, distinctive flavour and striking colour makes it attractive as an eating peach that can also be bottled, cooked and...

  • Blenheim Orange Apple (dwarf)

    Blenheim Orange Apple (dwarf)

    Discovered by Mr Kempster at Woodstock near Blenheim, Oxfordshire, England in about 1740. Distributed in about 1818. It received the Banksian medal from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1822. Fruits have creamy white, somewhat coarse-textured and...

  • Blue Hyacinth Lilac

    Blue Hyacinth Lilac

    Lilac Blue Hyacinth (Syringa ×hyacinthiflora 'Blue Hyacinth') has lovely mauve almost blue very fragrant single flowers, with darker pinkish purple buds. The flowers resemble the flowers of the bulb Hyacinth (Hyacinthus species). This long-lived...

  • Blue Rose Blueberry

    Blue Rose Blueberry

    Vaccinium corymbosum 'Blue Rose' is a cold-hardy, tall, deciduous shrub, with large and firm fruit best picked fully ripe. It is ideal for cooking as it has a high acid content and freezes well keeping its shape and texture when thawed. Red...

  • Blueberry Orchard Labels

    Blueberry Orchard Labels

    Label price includes FREE shipping. Our Blueberry Orchard Labels are just like the labels used in many botanic and public gardens. Each one is individually engraved into a high quality, textured acrylic outdoor label material. They will last many years...

  • Bluecrop Blueberry Bluecrop Blueberry

    Bluecrop Blueberry

    Vaccinium corymbosum 'Bluecrop' is a very cold-hardy, tall, deciduous shrub, with light blue, very large and firm fruit with good flavour. Flavour is best with the first few picks and seems to be better in areas where warm days are...

  • Blush Seedless Grape Blush Seedless Grape

    Blush Seedless Grape

    Vitis vinifera 'Blush Seedless' is a red crisp grape, general characteristics of Emperor but a brighter red colour. Ripening early-mid season with a large well filled in compact bunch. Large, oval berries with good shipping qualities. Bunch thinning is...