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Akane Apple (medium)

An impeccable heritage being a cross between Jonathan and Worcester Pearmain this attractive apple has a refreshing flavour reminiscent of Jonathon. Raised in 1937 at Morioka Experimental Station, Japan and introduced in 1970. Fruits are sweet, crisp and...

Angelino Japanese Plum

The tree bears large crops of great plums with dark purple/blue over red skin and sweet golden/yellow flesh with freestone. Japanese Plum 'Angelino' (Prunus salicina 'Angelino') originates from Fresno, California in 1967. • Pollination...

Barcelona hazelnut

Barcelona’s main use is high quality in-shell nuts. Does well in climates that are mild to average. Hazelnuts prefer mild summers and cool winters (temperate climate) and do best when a number of conditions are met: annual rainfall of over 750 mm...

Belle de Boskoop Apple (medium)

Thought to be a bud sport of Reinette de Montfort. Found by K.J.W. Ottolander, Boskoop, The Netherlands in 1856, it received an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1897. One of the better cooking apples, the aromatic flesh remains...

Black Genoa Fig

Black Genoa is the leading commercial variety for fresh fruit production. The tree has an open and spreading habit. The fruit is dark purple at maturity, with red seeds and white flesh. It is a squat, pear-shaped fruit. It has a distinctive flavour and...

Brown Turkey Fig

Brown Turkey is a small tree with sparse foliage. It crops well in most situations, but does not usually produce a breba crop. It is susceptible to souring during wet weather in coastal areas, but the fruit is reasonably resistant to splitting. Fruit is...

Catshead Apple (dwarf)

An old English variety from 1629 or earlier, it cooks to a firm puree making it ideal for sauces. Green skin. A TRIPLOID variety which requires a pollinator, but has no viable pollen. Pollination Group: PG3 Uses: Cooking Harvest: April - May

Chardonnay Grape

The Chardonnay Grape (Vitis vinifera 'Chardonnay') is a white wine grape from France. It grows well in many climates and soils and produces early fruit. The green grapes hang in tight bunches, seeded. • Pollination Group: most grapes are...

Charles Joly Lilac

Lilac Charles Joly (Syringa vulgaris 'Charles Joly') has attractive fragrant large double flowers in tight clusters. The beautiful flowers are a striking deep reddy purple colour. The long-lived deciduous shrub has heart-shaped green leaves with some...

Chellaston Almond

Soft shelled, medium kernel. Medium vigour.  Mid-season. Used for blanching, roasting, confectionery and cooking. (generic image used GNU Free Documentation License) Harvest: late summer Pollenisers: Brandes Jordan, Johnston Prolific,...

Chilcotin Raspberry

Rubus idaeus ‘Chilcotin’Carries large berries a medium red colour. Crops over a 4 week period starting around late December and then again in Autumn. Pollination: self-fertile Harvest: Late Dec to January, small autumn crop

Chilliwack Raspberry

Rubus idaeus 'Chilliwack'A mid-season, summer fruiting variety. Red to dark red with good shelf life. Suitable for medium to low chill growing, around chill 600 hrs. Pollination: self-fertile Harvest: mid-December to late Jan, small autumn crop in April...

Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia 'Murray's Form')

The Murray's Form Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia 'Murray's Form') is an attractive tree grown for its lovely form, foliage and bark. Chinese Elms have relatively small leaves compared to other elm species and they may stay on the tree all year or be...

Chojuro Nashi (Asian Pear)

Raised in 1895 by Mr Chojuro Toma, Kawasaki, Japan. Introduced to USA in 1939. Fruits have white, firm, coarse flesh with a mildly sweet and distinctive aromatic flavour. Pollination Group: part self-fertile, Conference, Josephine, Packham’s,...

Chonosuki Crabapple (M. tschonoskii)

Known as the Pillar Apple, M. tschonoskii has a fastigiate habit and is ideal for narrow spaces and avenues with limited room such as driveways. Pink buds follow by white/pink blossom, then small fruit that are yellow-green and finally the grey-green...

Cora Brandt Lilac

Lilac Cora Brandt (Syringa ×hyacinthiflora 'Cora Brandt') has stunning large clusters of fragrant double white flowers, with cream buds. The long-lived deciduous shrub has green leaves and some autumn foliage. Selected in the USA 1947. • Uses:...

Crimson Baby Nectarine (dwarf)

Nectarine Crimson Baby is a popular compact tree great for small gardens and large tubs growing to 2 m high and 2 m wide (requires staking). The fruit has red and yellow skin with flecks, yellow flesh, and clingstone. • Pollination Group: The...

Dabinett Apple (tall)

Vintage quality, i.e. well enough balanced in sugar, tannin and acid content to make a single variety cider. An old cider apple which arose in the Martock area Somerset. Believed to have been named after a Mr Dabinett. Possibly a seedling of Chisel...

Damson European Plum (dwarf)

The damson (Prunus insititia) is thought to have arisen through natural crosses in Asia between the sloe (Prunus spinosa) and the cherry plum (P. cerasifera). This is the Wild Damson brought into cultivation and first recorded in 1629.
Several cultivars...
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De Boutteville Apple (medium)

An old cider variety known in Australia. Virtually no references to the history of this variety. We did find a reference in: A study of cider making in France, Germany, and England with comments and comparisons on American workby Alwood, William...

De Boutteville Apple (tall)

An old cider variety known in Australia. Virtually no references to the history of this variety. We did find a reference in: A study of cider making in France, Germany, and England with comments and comparisons on American workby Alwood, William...

Delicious Apple (super-dwarf)

An American apple discovered in about 1880 growing as a shoot from a rootstock by J. Hiatt, near Peru, Iowa. It was introduced by Stark Brothers in 1895. Firm, very sweet, juicy flesh with a highly aromatic flavour. Grows well in Australian conditions...

Doradillo Grape

Doradillo is a white wine grape grown primarily in the Riverland region of South Australia. It was imported from Spain by James Busby in 1832 and is also known as Blanquette of South Australia. Green fruit with seeds. Harvest: mid-season...

Elephant Heart Japanese Blood Plum (dwarf)

Large, cricket ball-size plums. This variety was developed by Luther Burbank and released in 1929. Sometimes called a “blood plum” because of its dark-red flesh. Fruit is juicy and flavorful – excellent for eating fresh or...

Eleyi Crabapple (Malus x purpurea ‘Eleyi’)

M. x purpurea ‘Eleyi’Raised and named Prior to 1920 for Charles Eley, East Bergholt, Suffolk, England. An attactive variety with deep red buds followed by fragrant, violet-pink flowers and purple foliage. Purplish-red fruits will stay on...

Emerald Gem Chestnut

Castanea sativa 'Emerald Gem' is a semi-weeping tree with prolific crops of large nuts. Trees can tolerate frost. Store harvested nuts for a few days to dry and relax before eating. • Pollination Group: need one, preferably two, other...

English Elm (Ulmus procera)

The *English Elm Ulmus procera is one of the most admired trees in the world for large gardens and public spaces. First planted in Australia in the first half of the 19th century, the loss of elms in the northern hemisphere due to Dutch Elm Disease...

Flowering Apricot (Prunus mumé 'Alboplena')

Double white Japanese Flowering Apricot (Prunus mumé 'Alboplena') is the earliest blooming scented white blossom. It has an abundance of fragrant double/semi-double white flowers to cheer up winter and are magnificent against a clear blue sky. It...

Frequin Rouge Apple (tall)

Apple 'Frequin Rouge' is a French cider variety also called 'Frequin Rouge Amer'. Small cone-shaped red apples with stripes, grow on vigorous trees. Bitter flavour with some sweetness. • Pollination Group: PG3-4 • Uses: cider, bittersweet...

Fuji Apple (tall)

The Fuji apple is an apple cultivar developed by growers at the Tohoku Research Station in Morioka, Japan in the late 1930s and brought to market in 1962.Fuji apples are typically large or very large and round, on average the size of a baseball. They...

Golden Chain Tree (Laburnum vossii)

Golden Chain Tree or Voss's laburnum (Laburnum×watereri 'Vossii') is a small, spreading, deciduous tree with outstanding, long recemes of yellow flowers in spring/early summer. Racemes can be up to 60cm long. A worthy small specimen tree in lawns...

Golden Elm (Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens')

The deciduous Golden Elm (Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens') will be familiar to many people in south eastern Australia. These large wide trees are a sight to behold when in full summer leaf giving a golden feature to any landscape. It is also known as the Golden...

Green Pillar (R) Pin Oak (Quercus palusrtris 'Pringreen')

This oak is quite special. Unlike most oaks which need large garden spaces as they mature, the Green Pillar Pin Oak can find a place in more moderate sized gardens because of its very narrow habit. While ultimately quite tall it only grows to about 3...

Hick's Fancy Mulberry

Morus nigra 'Hick's Fancy'Suitable for cool areas. Quick growing, producing small, slightly red fruit when ripe during spring and producing over several months.